Doing Absolutely Nothing

I am unsure about the situation I am in right now, but I am positive it will all work out in the end. I just got divorced and I am in the dark about how to deal with it. My friends all tell me to go out with Sheffield escorts or hit up the club, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I feel as if I would be betraying her even though we are not together. I should make her think that I am okay and can handle this but it is so hard. Being a man I should be able to move past this all but for once I am stumped on how I can make it happen. Maybe after a little alone time I will have it all figured out, but until than I will keep doing what I am doing, nothing.

Out of The Equation

I know it is a difficult task to tell someone goodbye, but it is what my relationship has come down to. For the third time now I have caught my husband in bed with another woman, in our home. This time it was a beautiful blonde from escorts in Leeds who just happened to be my sisters best friend. The first few times it hurt me horribly, but this time I was numb to it. All I did was turn around and walk away. No words said. Today I plan to ask him to pack his belongings and leave the house. I know I will feel depressed for awhile, but making this decision will be the best one I have made in my life. It is time for me to be happy and there is no way my husband can contribute to my happiness at all. So now, he is out of the equation.