Just a Few Changes

10th May, 2015 - Posted by Richard - Comments Off

I’m not exactly ready to put myself out there in the relationship world, so I stick to myself and remain completely independent. Once in awhile I will go out with escorts Heathrow and have a little fun, but other than that it is just me, my dog and my 40 hour a week job. Most people change their life into something they do not like when they are involved with somebody, and I just so happen to like my life the way it is. I do not feel that I need to change for anything or anyone. Maybe someday I will come across a man who likes my lifestyle and is willing to live it the way I do without asking for any changes to be made. I do not foresee this happening anytime soon, but one can only wish.

Putting Myself Out There

29th April, 2015 - Posted by Richard - Comments Off

I’m conducting a list of business’s in the Birmingham area so I can visit these places and hopefully sell some of my own business’s products. I sell products such as business cards, personalized business products and even minature billboards. So far I have twenty places on my list to visit including Birmingham escorts and numerous hotels and restaurants in that area. I am hoping I will gain numerous new customers by going door to door and presenting my products in a professional manner. I have only ever sold products online and at my store, so this is a big event for me and hopefully a learning experience. After I go through this list, I am hoping to have enough new customers to give me the motivation to bring my business to other cities. I think if I work hard enough and let people see my professional and caring side, than I will make new customers and friends quickly.

A Small White Lie

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So I got this crazy idea last night to call Derby escorts so I could have company to a dinner party last week. I honestly thought the moments would be rather awkward and not even worth my time or money. But I was found wrong almost instantly. The man that showed up at my door had a kind, gentle face and the moment I saw him, I knew the night would be special and that it was. All my friends stared at him, checking him out up and down until they took everything about him in. The next day at work they all huddled around my desk to ask where I had met this incredibly handsome man. But to keep myself off of thin ice and my dreams to myself, I did not tell them where he was from. I simply said he was an old friend and smiled foolishly on the inside.

Magical Friend

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I never went out on a date with a Birmingham escort agency companion until about a year ago. She actually is a beautiful female that is friends with my buddy. I had been single for many years and was feeling like a loner every time that I went out because I was always by myself. Now I will call her and find out when she is available so that we can go out and do something fun together. It is very strange because I feel so comfortable talking with her and telling her my business, even though this is a no strings attached friend. She even has a key to my apartment, she comes and goes as she pleases and sometimes I will let her take my new car out with her on her dates. Although she has had some pretty tough relationships in the past, I really have a good feeling that we will be hooking up very soon!

The Way I Think is Right

17th February, 2015 - Posted by Richard - Comments Off

I am so excited for this weekend! My best friend in the whole entire world is taking me out to dinner and a few clubs in the area. To make this night even better, she called the London escort agency to get us a couple of dates to accompany us. We have never been on a double date before, so this will be very entertaining and interesting to experience. I have already picked out what I am going to wear and decided on how I will do my hair for that night. I want to look perfect so that way my date will be happy to walk along side me for the entire evening. My friend told me I was overreacting on the whole dressing up thing, but I haven’t even really been on a date before, so I want to do it the way I think is right.

Enjoying the most from our Scottish friends

29th January, 2015 - Posted by Richard - Comments Off

A business trip I took to Glasgow proves to be one memorable experience. The vibrant city of Glasgow is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scotland. The amazing sights in the city particularly the Victorian castles make it even more enthralling. The more than 70 parks all over the city provide a refreshing sanctuary to a weary traveler like me. Visiting the famous landmarks in the city is a must. Hiring a companion from Newcastle escorts service allow me to tour the different landmarks quickly. We visited the Glenlee Ship which reminds me of the rich shipbuilding tradition of the place. The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens is an awe-inspiring museum featuring the history of Glasgow and its people since 1750. We visited other notable places in Glasgow such as the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery and the Burrell Collection. Glasgow is truly a city that speaks to your heart.

A Night to remember or not

26th January, 2015 - Posted by Richard - Comments Off

Just got off the airplane in Brighton and are now heading down to the hotel in town. Once at the hotel and getting checked in a beautiful gal walks around the corner. So after getting a key and checked in its time to eat. So walking down to the front and outside towards the steak house there is that gal sitting on the side. So walking up to her and asking who she may be she says that she is working for the Brighton escorts, so it then is decided that both will attend a eveing meal together. After the meal and walking back to the hotel she offers her services so it is decided that she will go back to the hotel and provide a great evening of services to include?